Thursday, November 20, 2014

Preparing a LaTeX article for Elsevier - example paper "Solving a heat equation in Octave/Matlab"

Below are the details of one of my recent presentation to postgraduate students.

Presentation Title: Preparing a LaTeX article for Elsevier

Example paper: "Solving a heat equation in Octave/Matlab"

The Octave script: myoctave1.m

The LaTeX input file: elsarticle-template-num.tex

The zip-file containing the five image files( one xfig file and its eps copy, four eps files having screen-shots of windows having resulting from the octave script given below) :

The commands (on Ubuntu 14.04 with texlive etc.):

For getting the plots from Octave:

in konsole or any other terminal:

user@domain:~$ octave

octave> myoctave1

This pops out four windows having a plot each - the screen-shots given in the file mentioned above.

For preparing the paper

latex elsarticle-template-num.tex
dvipdf elsarticle-template-num.dvi

The otput:



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